产品编号: XRC5242
4G CPE是基于几个全球公认的芯片组解决方案开发的,集成了4G CAT.4、WIFI热点、以太网WAN/LAN和Web-UI管理等高新技术。

SmileMbb 4G LTE CPE WiFi Router


4G LTE CAT4 | WiFi4 | External Antennas

4G/WAN Network Available, Internet Always

Support 4G/RJ45(WAN) network backup, Ethernet can be always connected through DSL or PON CPE even when 4G network failed, guarantee the smoothness of video conference, business presentation etc.

High Gain 4 External Antennas, More coverage

With 2 external WiFi antennas and 2 external  LTE  antennas, 360 degree super powerful signal coverage.


WiFi4 OFDM, Connect More Devices

Built-in highly advanced WiFi chipset which allows 32 WiFi devices on the same network;
with OFDM, ensuring smooth and stable performance when connecting to multiple devices.


Plug & Play , WiFi Anywhere

Plug in the SIM card, connect your phone, laptop and other WiFi devices to the
4G LTE CPE WiFi router, you’ll get internet anywhere you go.



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